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Road bike accident

Stay Safe This Fall with This Road Bike Upgrade

When fall arrives, we who love to cycle see it as the perfect time of year to pump out miles around the city. Fall often brings with it the perfect weather for those Monday morning rides. Yet, as the excitement soars, so does the probability that a cycling accident will take place.

What you might not know is that of all cycling fatalities recorded in the US, 40% are as a result of a cycling accident where the cyclist was hit from behind. Cyclists – those using brand new road bikes as well as those with used road bikes – can benefit from this upgrade; acquiring Varia Rearview Radar.

This smart gadget is the ultimate road bike safety upgrade for those who can’t afford to be derailed or stopped by an accident. It has been designed to mount to the post of your seat where it is able to detect vehicles as they approach. It then sends a visual message wirelessly to the display unit, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the vehicle behind you.

Varia Rearview Radar also makes the tail light to flash brighter when a vehicle gets too close, allowing the driver of the car to see you more clearly. This gadget will help you become more aware of the environment around you when cycling. It can be especially helpful when cycling those routes that do not have dedicated bike paths.