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GE Creates Prop Private Plane with 3D Printed Parts

Today, traveling on a private jet is more affordable and simple than ever before. While empty legs on private jets are making it surprisingly cheap to book a flight, GE Aviation is taking it a step further by using 3D printed parts, which can eventually bring down the price even more. They first started their work by unveiling the 3D-printed LEAP engine fuel nozzle back in 2013 and have stayed in the game ever since. The component has since been used as an example of 3D technology should be used to manufacture parts as they lead to less fuel consumption and emission.


Now, GE Aviation is using their skill and experience to produce 3D printed end parts for small aircraft. By partnering with Textron Aviation, the company has worked to build a properly power aircraft that is designed to have the luxury of a private jet, with the cost of a propeller plane. The model is named “The Cessna Denali”, and it is aimed to be priced at approximately $4.8 million. The plane is capable of flying from a distance such as New York to Miami. Though the price might seem high for an ordinary traveler, it is nothing compared to how much a typical private jet can cost.

The engine took several years to design and develop. After acquiring Czech turboprop engine manufacturer Walter Aircraft Engines, GE Aviation has worked intensively to create an engine that can fill the niche between propellers and private jets. The end result is a 1,650 shaft horsepower engine, which is at least 10% more powerful than any other engine of its class. Along with that, they also managed to cut down fuel consumption by 20%. The overall achievement is truly remarkable for the aviation industry.

To achieve this, GE brought together hundreds of single components into a small number of 3D printed parts for titanium and steel. Along with that, they also added technologies similar to jet engines, which has never been done in a prop plane. These include stator vanes, made for supersonic jets, which increased the efficiency of the engine.

With their new partner in Textron Aviation, the company found their perfect match with the largest business propeller plane producer. The engine was featured in their new aircraft, the Cessna Denali, which is built to match private jets both in speed and flight quality. It can carry eight passengers comfortably, and works with a single lever system to control both engine and propeller, just like a jet.

Though it will take till 2018 for the first Cessna Denali to take flight, it is already available for preorder and shows a real promise for the future of private travel and the aviation industry. Soon, we can hope to see private jets become even more affordable, and can even replace commercial flights.

Honeymoon Destination Packages In The Caribbean

top honeymoon destinations

Many hotels and resorts love honeymoon destinations.  For one, the guests stay longer than the casual visitor, and it helps them sell their tours and other add-ons.  It is not one sided though as couples benefit from the convenience of arranging their ideal top honeymoon destinations in one place.  And newlyweds are also offered freebies when they avail of such packages; they often receive a free night’s stay, flowers in the room, special dinners and complimentary bottles of wine.  Before you make your decision a visit to the website of the Carribean Hotel & Tourism Association would be helpful.

One of the best honeymoon vacation destinations is the Caribbean; the Sandals group of has fifteen hotels in six Caribbean locations which offer great deals for honeymooners.  Here are three of their offerings:

  1. Sandals, La Toc, St. Lucia

The all-inclusive honeymoon packages at Sandals La Toc have just about all the luxury you can imagine to make your romantic adventure special.  As in all Caribbean islands you would not have to look far to find perfect beaches and fresh seafood.  Room prices start at about $500 per night.  Luxurious butler-serviced villas with private pool are priced in excess of $800 per night for two people.  It is a golf and spa resort, but there are other adventures you can include in the package.  You may take your love to gourmet dinners, scuba diving, canopy tours, zip lining or gliding down a river in a bamboo raft.  I advise you to pre-plan and customize the add-ons to suit your interests and budget level.

  1. Sandals, Carlyle, Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Sandals, Carlyle on Dickerson Bay is surrounded by lush gardens and just across the street from a white sand public beach.  This secluded honeymoon getaway spot offers numerous amenities such as pool & whirlpool, three restaurants, two bars, 24-hour room service, and access to two sister hotels and sixteen more restaurants.  Room rates start at a very reasonable $172 pp/pn.  From the hotel, inland safari tours, shopping, diving, swimming with dolphins and lots more can be added to customize the honeymoon vacation.  This resort has won praise for having been adjudged World’s Leading Honeymoon Resort for two years in a row.

  1. Sandals Halcyon Beach, St. Lucia

Wide open beach, clear water, swaying palms, and lush green mountains around Sandals Halcyon Beach make it a virtual tropical paradise for vacationing newlyweds. This hotel merges modern luxury and great service with the tranquil natural beauty of the surroundings.  There are six dining options onsite, a golf course at a nearby sister hotel, water sports and scuba diving opportunities, seven bars including a piano bar, pools, swim-up bars and whirlpools.  Room prices are relatively reasonable at $240 pp/pn and special tours can be added to customize each romantic vacation stay.

While the prices for these honeymoon resort stays are a bit higher than average, it is perfectly reasonable to overspend a little for once-in-a-lifetime vacations.  And for the person you love, only the best is good enough.

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